3.8X1.9mm, 3.8X2.1mm Cross Bearing Metal Spacing Blocks 4.8*1.9mm, 4.8*2.1mm

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
3.8x1.9mm, 3.8x2.1mm, 4.8*1.9mm, 4.8*2.1mm
Customized Type
Crown Profile, Logarithmic Curve
Standard Type
Cylindrical, Nrb, NRA, Tr, Taper, Spherical
Long Service Life, Heavy Load, High Strength
Transport Package
Plastic Bag+Carton Box+ Plywood Case
Accoridng to product size
Accoridng to product specification
HS Code
Production Capacity
100, 000, 000 PCS/Year

Product Description

JIANGSU WALLONG-HSIN MACHINERY ENGINEERING CORPORATION LTD. short name 'JSW', is a wholly state-owned company, also a subsidiary of SINOMACH GROUP (the biggest machinery group in China, ranked No.250 of TOP500 in 2021). 
3.8X1.9mm, 3.8X2.1mm Cross Bearing Metal Spacing Blocks 4.8*1.9mm, 4.8*2.1mm JSW is founded in 1992 and registered with capital of 4.5 million US dollars, located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, with workshop area 50,000 square meters with first-class production lines,and office area 3000 square meters.
JSW passed ISO 9001,ISO 14001,ISO 18001 ,ISO 5001 and AEO certified.
We are manufacture and exporter, which turnover of rolling elements last year is 40 million US dollar, mainly  exporting the Europe and America inclduing Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Poland, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Malaysia.
3.8X1.9mm, 3.8X2.1mm Cross Bearing Metal Spacing Blocks 4.8*1.9mm, 4.8*2.1mm
3.8X1.9mm, 3.8X2.1mm Cross Bearing Metal Spacing Blocks 4.8*1.9mm, 4.8*2.1mm

A. We can supply cylindrical / spherical / taper roller in grade G1, G2, G3, needle and pin in grade G2, G3, G5 with material chrome ( 100Cr6 & 100CrMn6 ) and stainless steel ( SUS420J2, AISI304, AISI304L, AISI316, AISI316L, AISI440C, AISI430 ), the end shape has: ZB shape ( logarithmic curve ) / NRA (round end) / NRB (flat end) / TR / relieved end / cut end / grinded end / variant-curvature that can according to Customer's various requirement.

Our production range as follows:
Diameter: From 1.25mm to 100mm, Length: From 3mm to 100mm.

B. We can also supply cylindrical roller in G1
Diameter: 7mm to 20mm
Length: 10mm to 50mm
0.0771"X0.0495" 10x17mm 18X32mm 2x12mm 3X12.8mm 4x17.8mm 5x39.8mm 7x13mm
0.0854"X0.64" 10x19mm 18X36mm 2X13.8mm 3X13.8mm 4X19.8mm 5x49.8mm 7X14mm
1"X40mm 10x20mm 19x19mm 2X15.8mm 3x14mm 4X20mm 5x5mm 7x16mm
1.0x7.8mm 10x22mm 19X28mm 2X15mm 3x15.8mm 4X21.8mm 5X7mm 7x17mm
1.25x3.2mm 10x25mm 1x11.8mm 2x17.8mm 3x17.8mm 4x22.8mm 5x8mm 7x18mm
1.48x10.8mm 10x26.5mm 1x3.8mm 2X19.8mm 3x18mm 4x23.8mm 5X9mm 7x19.9mm
1.558x12.7mm 10x28mm 1x7.8mm 2x21.8mm 3X19.8mm 4x25.8mm 6.35X19.05mm 7x20mm
1.5x11.8mm 10x29.5mm 1x8.8mm 2x4.65mm 3x21.8mm 4x31.8mm 6.35X25.4mm 7x21mm
1.5x13.8mm 10x30mm 1x9.8mm 2X4mm 3X23.8mm 4x34.8mm 6.5*20 7x24mm
1.5x15.8mm 10x40mm 2.275X12.7mm 2x5.8mm 3X27.8mm 4x38mm 6.5X27.8mm 7x35mm
1.5x16mm 10x50mm 2.377X29.8mm 2x6.3mm 3x29.8mm 4x39.8mm 6.99X8mm 7x36.8mm
1.5x2.5mm 10x60mm 2.5x10.8mm 2X7.8mm 3x38mm 4X6mm 6X10mm 7x41mm
1.5X2mm 11X11mm 2.5x11.8mm 2x8.8mm 3x45mm 4x7.5mm 6X12mm 7X8mm
1.5x5.3mm 11x15mm 2.5x13.8mm 2X9.7mm 3x5mm 4x7mm 6x14mm 7X9mm
1.5x5mm 11x35.4mm 2.5X15.3mm 2x9.8mm 3x8mm 4x8.3mm 6X16.5mm 8X10mm
1.5x7.8mm 12.5x22mm 2.5x15.8mm 3.0x15.80mm 3x9.8mm 4x8mm 6x17.8mm 8X12mm
1.5x9.3mm 12x12mm 2.5x17.8mm 3.0x17.80mm 4   H6X6.75 4x9.8mm 6x18mm 8X14mm
1.5x9.8mm 12x14mm 2.5x19.8mm 3.175X25.4mm 4.495x10mm 5.56X14mm 6X19.9mm 8X16mm
1.5x9mm 12x16mm 2.5x23.8mm 3.175X28.5mm 4.5X10mm 5.5mmX6mm 6x20mm 8x17mm
1.6X11.6mm 12x18mm 2.5X27.8mm 3.177X12.8mm 4.754X30.1mm 5.5X21.7mm 6x21.8mm 8x18mm
1.6x13.8mm 12x20mm 2.5x7.8mm 3.5X11.8mm 4.76X25.4mm 5.5x8mm 6x24mm 8x20mm
1.6X19mm 12x22mm 2.5x9.8mm 3.5x13.8mm 4.93X23.8mm 5.996x12mm 6x29.8mm 8x24.5mm
1.6X20.4mm 12x24mm 2.779X21.69mm 3.5X15.75mm 4.996x8mm 5.996x6mm 6x30mm 8x24mm
1.6X8.4mm 12x40mm 20x19.6mm 3.5x17.8mm 40X39.2mm 5X10mm 6x32mm 8x26mm
1.7X9.8mm 13x13mm 20X20mm 3.5X19.8mm 40X40mm 5x12mm 6x37mm 8x30mm
1.8mmX6mm 13x20mm 20x30mm 3.5x21.8mm 40x65mm 5x13.8mm 6x39.8mm 8X40mm
1.8X14mm 14x14mm 2-1/4"x1.492" 3.5x25.8mm 42X41.4mm 5x15.8mm 6x40.3mm 8x8mm
1.8X16mm 14x20mm 21x21mm 3.5x29.8mm 42X42mm 5x15mm 6x41mm 9*10mm
1.8X18.5mm 14X34mm 21x22mm 3.5x34.8mm 46x72mm 5x16.8mm 6x43mm 9x14mm
1.8X21mm 14X56mm 22X22mm 3.5x6.65mm  48x76mm 5x17.8mm 6x59.8mm 9x17mm
1.8X8mm 15X14.6mm 22x34mm 3.5x8.3mm 4x10mm 5X17mm 6x6mm 9x18mm
1/4"x1/2" 15X15mm 24X23.4mm 3/16"x3/4" 4x12.65mm 5x19.8mm 6X7.2mm 9x27.5mm
1/4"x5/8" 15x22mm 24x24mm 30X29.4mm 4x12.8mm 5X20mm 6X77 9x9mm
1/8"x2" 15x30mm 24x36mm 30x29.5mm 4x13.8mm 5x21.8mm 6x8mm 1.81x3.5mm
1/8"X21.4mm 16x16mm 25.0x24.4mm 30X30mm 4x14.8mm 5X24.8mm 6x9mm 2x10mm
10.5X30mm 16x24mm 25x25mm 30x48mm 4x14mm 5x25mm 7.5X7.5mm 2x8mm
10.99x19mm 17x17mm 25x36mm 32.0x32mm 4x15.6mm 5x27.8mm 7.938X25.4mm  
10X10mm 17x24mm 26x26mm 36X35.4mm 4x15.8mm 5x29.8mm 7.995x12mm  
10X14mm 18x18mm 28x28mm 36x36mm 4x16.8mm 5X30mm 7x10mm  
10X16.8mm 18X26mm 2x11.8mm 3x11.8mm 4x16mm 5x33.8mm 7x12mm  


3.8X1.9mm, 3.8X2.1mm Cross Bearing Metal Spacing Blocks 4.8*1.9mm, 4.8*2.1mm
3.8X1.9mm, 3.8X2.1mm Cross Bearing Metal Spacing Blocks 4.8*1.9mm, 4.8*2.1mm
For rollers, we have 3 production lines that imported from German INA and have more than 100 sets of special domestic equipments to produce ZB ( logarithmic curve) end. All rollers' diameter and length are 100% sorted by our automatic sorting machines.

We have a variety of inspection equipments with high precision, and QA engineers who can strictly control the quality during production and before shipment.

3.8X1.9mm, 3.8X2.1mm Cross Bearing Metal Spacing Blocks 4.8*1.9mm, 4.8*2.1mm
Be sure our steel rollers with good quality, favorable price and on-time delivery!

3.8X1.9mm, 3.8X2.1mm Cross Bearing Metal Spacing Blocks 4.8*1.9mm, 4.8*2.1mm

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