K-35 and Dst Doctor Blade Holder for Papermaking Machine

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Wire Section ,Press Section ,Yankee Dryer Cylinder
Paper Making Machine Part
Printing,Paper,Packing Machinery, Various Paper Ma
Temperature Resistance
up to 220 Degree
HRC40-68 Degree
Transport Package
Exporting Stand
According to customized
HS Code
Production Capacity
50000 Piece/Year

Product Description


Product Description

K-35 and Dst Doctor Blade Holder for Papermaking MachineBlade holders position the doctor or roll cleaning blade firmly against the roll, accommodate roll surface irregularities, facilitate rapid blade changes, and, within limits, compensate for thermal expansion.

Proper doctoring or roll cleaning is critical to many industrial processes and goes beyond choosing a doctor or roll cleaning blade.

We build our blade holders for consistent performance in the most demanding environments. LEIZHAN blade holders are manufactured to our precise standards and lead the industry in durability. 

K-35 Blade Holder

1. The pressurization method depends on its own weight. Generally, the knife is manually lifted and closed. However, in some important occasions, the line pressure, the doctor blade can be lifted and the pressurization can be adjusted remotely by the air cylinder. Such as the tension roller doctor blade in the wire section of the paper machine, and the dryer doctor blade in the drying section.
2. Through the fine adjustment bolt, the pressure of the blade can be adjusted.

K-35 and Dst Doctor Blade Holder for Papermaking Machine
K-35 and Dst Doctor Blade Holder for Papermaking Machine

Single air bag blade

Since only one hose is used to realize the two functions of loading and unloading, the hose is assembled in the factory and fixed in cold position to ensure very fast and trouble-free replacement. Only one hose means that only one connecting air pipe is needed, reducing the cost of installation. The blade holder has a flat surface and can be installed with a paper blowing pipe.
K-35 and Dst Doctor Blade Holder for Papermaking Machine

Double air bag single blade

K-35 and Dst Doctor Blade Holder for Papermaking Machine
The doctor blade system is composed of a pneumatic thumb, a blade body, and a swinging device. The core component is the pneumatic thumb, which is connected to the blade body through a rotating shaft. The doctor blade is inserted in the middle of the pneumatic thumb knife magazine. The pressure of the blade is pressurized by the pneumatic thumb. The two pneumatic tires and pressure relief are completed. The blade body is used to fix the pneumatic thumb. It must have sufficient rigidity and straightness.
The double air-bag blades can able to keep the roller surface clean while maintaining a proper lineal pressure and angle and protecting materials. Besides, it can reduce ends down and paper defects, effectively protect roller surface, prolong the service life of roller, and reduce the frequency of shutdown for replacement and maintenance, thus improving the economic benefit. 

1.The air-bag can make the  blade contact with any point of the roller very well and prevent scratching the roller.
2. Adjust the pressure of the air supply through the pressure reducing valve, so that the line pressure can be effectively controlled.
3. The thickness of the blade can be freely selected from 1mm up to 6mm, and the blade can be easily replaced.

Double air bag double blade

K-35 and Dst Doctor Blade Holder for Papermaking Machine
The double-blade system, made up by two air-bag blades, it means using two air-bag blades at the same time. It is used to remove the moisture and dirt attached to the roller surface. During the operation, plenty of pores will form on the roller surface as well as on the abrasive side of edge. Therefore, small dirt and moisture will enter into the back surface of blade through these pores. Some dirt will be taken away be paper, while some will attach to the back of blade, forming lumps which will drop after a long time, thus causing paper breakage and even machine halt. Such condition is even more serious for the stone roller in the press section. In addition, a great lineal pressure exerted by the blade may produce negative pressure at the back of blade which causes plenty of dirt to gather on the front of blade, thus seriously affecting product quality.
Application of double air bag double doctor blade:
The double-blade system is equipped in the central press section, couch roll in the net section and so on. Under the action of centrifugal force, the moisture and fine fibers will be thrown away from the pores of couch roll and vacuum compression roller, and then attach to the first blade which is able to destroy their surface tension, remove part of moisture and fine fibers and form a small negative pressure behind the blade. The second blade will clear away the moisture and fine fibers expelled from the pores by the small negative pressure.

Finish doctor blade holder

K-35 and Dst Doctor Blade Holder for Papermaking Machine
K-35 and Dst Doctor Blade Holder for Papermaking Machine
K-35 and Dst Doctor Blade Holder for Papermaking Machine
K-35 and Dst Doctor Blade Holder for Papermaking Machine

Installation Instructions

K-35 and Dst Doctor Blade Holder for Papermaking Machine

Company Profile

We are a China Based engineering company and machinery supplier committed to offer complate solution and provide high-cost-performance equipments related to stock preparation and paper-making industry.For years,we have insisted on taking customer's value as our center and having strict quality-control and innovation in the whole process.

With advantage technology and excellent equipment,we provide one-stop service from consultation,process design and optimization,manufacture,installation,commissing and personnel training and so on.At the same time,we can supply all kinds of stock preparation and paper making equipment and accessories.Besides,we can custom design according to customers' requirements.

Our products have reliable quality and superior performance and have been exported to Poland,Greece,Turkey,Iran,India,Packistan,Bangladesh,Thailand,Indonesia,Philippines,Malaysia,Vietnam,Mexico,Guatemala,Costa Rica,Columbia,Egypt etc.We have established long-term cooperation relationship with many paper mills and agent.

Honesty,cooperation and win-win are important to us.We insisted on serve our customers with high quality products,sincere service and good reputation.We are appreciated for the long-term trust and favor from our customers.Hope we can cooperate sincerely and make progress together with our new and old customer.

Customer's satisfaction is our goal !


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