UHP 300*1800mm Carbon Graphite Electrode Block with Nipples

Get top-quality UHP 300*1800mm Carbon Graphite Electrode Block with Nipples from our factory. We guarantee unbeatable prices and superior performance.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
UHP300 Graphite Electrode
Eaf and Lf Furnace for Steel Melting
Bulk Density
1.68-1.74 g/cm3
Modulus of Rupture
10-14 MPa
Delivery Time
7 Days (Within 100tons)
Transport Package
Wooden Pallets with Steel Strips
UHP300 Graphite Electrode
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Product Description
UHP 300*1800mm Carbon Graphite Electrode Block with Nipples
Graphite electrode, mainly petroleum coke, needle coke as raw material, coal pitch as binder, calcination, ingredients, kneading,molding, baking and graphitization, machining and made, which is released in electric arc furnace in the form of arc conductor of electricity to heat melting furnace charge, with low resistivity, good conductivity, low ash, uniform and compact structure, good oxidation resistance, high mechanical strength, etc.
UHP 300*1800mm Carbon Graphite Electrode Block with Nipples
One-Stop Service to ensure superior quality.

All of our technicians are trained engineers and know all of the EAF, Ladle, and Foundry applications throughout China and Middleast Countries.
We offer an all-round support to the customers for taking our UHP graphite electrodes into operation. Check and analyse the customers' furnace conditions in order to achieve an optimal performance of the graphite electrodes and a decrease of the specific electrode consumption.
We also offer other services including train employees,performance analysis, storage in our warehouses, inspection of accessories, and monitoring the furnace.

Product Parameters
UHP 300
Item Unit   Item Unit  
Resistivity Electrode μΩm 4.8-5.8 Bulk Density Electrode g/cm3 1.68-1.74
Nipple 3.5-4.0 Nipple 1.78-1.82
Modulus of Rupture Electrode Mpa 10.0-14.0 CTE (100-600ºC) Electrode 10-6/ºC 1.1-1.4
Nipple 20.0-24.0 Nipple 0.9-1.2
Young's Modulus Electrode Gpa 9.0-13.0 Moment N.m 650
Nipple 15.0-18.0 Normal Dia Max. Dia Min. Dia Length
Ash % 0.3 300mm 307mm 299mm 1500-2100mm
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Size Chart
Nominal Diameter Actual Diameter Nominal Length(mm)
mm Inch Max(mm) Min(mm)
75 3 78 73 1000
100 4 103 98 1200
150 6 154 149 1500-1800
200 8 205 200 1500-1800
225 9 230 225 1500-2100
250 10 256 251 1500-2100
300 12 307 302 1500-2100
350 14 357 352 1500-2400
400 16 409 403 1500-2400
450 18 460 454 1500-2400
500 20 511 505 1800-2700
550 22 562 556 1800-2700
600 24 613 607 2100-2700
650 26 663 657 2100-2700
700 28 714 708 2100-2700
750 30 765 759 2400-2700
800 32 816 810 2400-2700
UHP 300*1800mm Carbon Graphite Electrode Block with Nipples
1. Electric arc steelmaking furnace.
2. Ladle arc refining furnace.
3. Ore-heating furnaces.
4. Resistance furnaces

* Annual output of 80,000 tons, timely delivery;
* Low resistivity
* High temperature strength
* Good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity
* Low thermal expansion coefficient
* Low ash,Its ash content is controlled within 3%.
* Dense and equal structure,Low graphite electrode consumption.
* Good oxidation resistance
* High mechanical strength
* Needle coke content accounts for 80%, raw materials imported from Japan and South Korea
Packaging & Shipping

Graphite Electrodes are packed on wooden pallets with steel strips. And the nipples is preset in the sockets.UHP 300*1800mm Carbon Graphite Electrode Block with Nipples

Company Profile
UHP 300*1800mm Carbon Graphite Electrode Block with Nipples UHP 300*1800mm Carbon Graphite Electrode Block with Nipples UHP 300*1800mm Carbon Graphite Electrode Block with Nipples

UHP 300*1800mm Carbon Graphite Electrode Block with Nipples


1.Are you factory or trading?
We are factory with ISO 9001:2015 certified.

2. How about the capacity?
High output, with an annual output of 80,000 tons, timely delivery; guarantee delivery date.

3. How to guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment;

4.What can we buy from you?
Graphite electrode,electrode paste,carbon raiser,carbon product, and other graphite products.

5. How to confirm the grade of graphite electrode?
Please send inquiry to us, our sales manager will confirm the details and price for you.
Customers will be asked to provide electric arc furnace parameters and specifications and sizes of electrode.

6. What is your payment service?
Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW;
Accepted Payment Currency: USD, EUR, CNY;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T, L/C;

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